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Occupational Therapy Phoenix AZ

Occupational Therapy Services include patient therapy for those disabled due to a physical ailment, emotional malady, congenital or developmental disability, or the aging process. Our strategy combines a powerful employee’s curriculum, and openings for realistic application in fieldwork experiences.

Occupational Therapists will rigorously gauge and determine the client’s health and rudimentary skills, aid in the adaptation and implementation of schedules, promote energy conservation measures, and supply measures for normalizing the patients’ sensory tasks and vital living skills so they can once again partake in the society and workplace in whatever capacity they have.

Occupational therapy employ an approach that utilizes the activities of daily living to readapt occupational skills lost caused by injury or long-time facility confinement. A skills assessment is performed to begin the service in order to create a custom therapy plan that would match the level of rehabilitation required. Once recognized, we will begin the process in a way that would steadily reintroduce the skills to the patient.

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