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L. Reinke

on March 17, 2014

"They make sure you are seen and treated on time."

D. Sanders

on March 17, 2014

"Good service and their employees are very professional."

We are hiring licensed professionals from all over the valleys of Arizona CNAs or Home Health Aides with supervised trainings or experience.

It is our policy to ensure continuing education and training of personnel to promote high standards and responsibility.

We offer competitive payment options so if you are interested, you may call us or send us an email.

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Our services include:

on January 08, 2014

We provide services for residents of Phoenix AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Glendale AZ, Mesa AZ, Surprise AZ and all Maricopa County. Services  skilled nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, medical social work consultation and nursing aide service providing assistance with personal care. Eligibility for home health service is determined by your Physician and financial source/ insurance. Your Physician will order the number and frequency of skilled visits depending on the client’s needs.  If you have a concern or urgent need between visits, you can reach our registered nurse by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Home health care can be effective and a helpful solution for anyone who is homebound due to: chronic illness that interferes with normal daily activities, recurrent hospitalizations or injury, cognitive problems, need for infusion therapy or other medical interventions. We customize our care to suit individual needs and circumstances. Our services enhance client’s quality of life and maintain their independence.

A. Skilled Nursing Services

• Comprehensive observation and assessment
• Medication management
• Intravenous therapy / PICC Line Care
• Instrument care  (respiratory, urinary,
   ostomy, feeding)
• Wound care
• Disease management and teachings

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