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Phoenix AZ

Professional Services

We Offer:

A. Skilled Nursing Services Phoenix AZ

• Comprehensive observation and assessment
• Medication management
• Intravenous therapy / PICC Line Care
• Instrument care  (respiratory, urinary,
   ostomy, feeding)
• Wound care
• Disease management and teachings

B. Physical Therapy Services Phoenix AZ

• Therapeutic exercises
• Transfer/ gait training
• Home exercise program
• Patient/ Family education

C. Occupational Therapy Services Phoenix AZ

• Adaptive equipment training
• Activities of daily living
• Energy conservation technique
• Participation in home assessment and design
   to adapt to patient’s needs

D. Speech Therapy Services Phoenix AZ

• Language disorder and treatment
• Difficulty of swallowing management
• Voice articulation therapy

E. Social Work Services Phoenix AZ

• Assessment of Social, Emotional, and Economic factors
• Counseling
• Community recources referral and assistance

F. Home Health Aide Services Phoenix AZ

• Personal grooming and hygiene care
• Assistance in meal preparation
• Assistance in normal ROM exercises, safe transfer technique and ambulation
• Bedmaking

G. DME Phoenix AZ

• Coordination with physician regarding need  for medical equipment
• Arrangement with a DME company for delivery of equipment